Threat | Homicide | @thekingthreat @trackstarz

October, 2017 marks the release of Homicide, a chilling narrative told from the Devil’s perspective. Threat, the artist responsible for this alarming release, is a Miami-residing, lyric-driven rap artist most known for his clever rhyme schemes and gritty delivery. His latest release “Homicide”, appropriately debuted on Friday the 13th, is an eerily realistic rant that […]

Landry & Mazz Mitchell | Pressure | @iamlandryk @trackstarz

Landry is a Gospel Music Award nominated rap artist from Edmonton Alberta, Canada. In his 6 years of writing and recording professionally with Royal Studio in his home town, Landry’s ministry has expanded throughout the western Canadian region. He has now made it clear with his most recent release “Pressure” that he is ready to expand his […]

Overcoming Fear: Walking on Water | @ryanmw92 @trackstarz

What is going on everyone!! So, this week, I wanted to dig into the topic of fear. In more detail, however, I want to dig into how to overcome fear. I do want to preface the fact that I do fully understand how paralyzing fear is. I deal with it myself every single day, but […]