Joey Vantes Releases “Careless” Album | @joeyvantes @trackstarz

Joey Vantes just released his newest project ‘Careless,’ a celebration being independent. Joey has been doing his own thing his own way for a while now, for him being independent isn’t just a statement but a lifestyle. Joey released this project for his fans to encourage them to believe in their God given dreams and […]

A. Ward Has Amazing Battle Against PT | @iamaward @trackstarz

A. Ward is one of those battle rappers that never disappoints. No matter the league or opponent, Ward gives the crowd the very best he has. This was the case in his latest battle against PT on the Underground Battle League in Milwaukee. This battle was only a one rounder but both rappers dropped some […]

Sansone Takes A Leap Of Faith With Debut Single “Jump” | @sansonemusic @trackstarz

Sansone is a hip-hop artist born out of an otherworldly hope. With an emphasis on spiritual honesty and vocal delivery, Sansone stirs together the styles of conscious and mainstream rap, creating records influenced by the reality of his youth and his relationship with God. Moving from house to house with his mother and father in the Chicagoland area, Sansone’s childhood was […]

Wande Launches WIN Beauty | @omgitswande @winbeauty._ @trackstarz

Wande is a woman of many hats. As if being a recording artist, consulting, producing wasn’t enough, she’s added one more feather in her cap. Wande has expanded the Wande Isola Network(WIN) empire with WIN Beauty. Wande is known for her fashion sense(she is Ms. “She Got Aesthetic” right?), and has launched a shop with […]

Dee-1 “Racist Christians” Music Video | @dee1music @trackstarz

The New Orleans based emcee, Dee-1, recently released a music video for his controversial song “Racist Christians.”  With the civil unrest in the current climate, racism and Christianity is once again a hot button topic. Whenever artists touch on America’s sacred cows, pushback is to be expected. This is no different from Propaganda’s “Precious Puritans” […]

Derek Minor Launches “Minorville” Patreon | @thederekminor @rmgmusic @trackstarz

Reflection Music Group co-founder, Derek Minor, has recently announced that he has launched a Patreon! He’s calling this community he’s building “Minorville,” a tip of the hat to the critically acclaimed album of the same name. If anyone knows anything about Minor, it’s that he has a ton of unreleased music, but he’s never had […]