The Mixtape DJ Maj – “Full Plates: Mixtape. 002″| Throwback Theology| @majpro @damo_seayn3d @trackstarz

  The year is 2001!  CHH is starting to make some waves.  Then something unexpected happens.  Gotee Records artist DJ Maj drops a mixtape entitled “Full Plates: Mixtape. 002”.  This was his follow up mixtape release.  The previous year he dropped a mixtape entitle “The Waxmuseum,” but this second one was special. Now when I…

Guns And Popsicles| Podcast| @mike_sarge @trackstarz

Gun: any portable firearm, as a rifle, shotgun, or revolver Popsicle: a brand of flavored ice on a stick. So what do these two objects have in common with you? On today’s podcast, Mike Sarge talks about the possible blind spots that you may be living with. Check it out and let us know your thoughts!