Single Maximizer

Single Maximizer

All you need to do is fill out this form, chose the genre of your song, and your single will be submitted to hundreds of music blogs, Spotify playlists curators, magazines, radio stations, and outlets including All Hip Hop, XKSC Radio, Rapzilla, WadeORadio, His Hop Nation, CHH Insider, New H2O, Christlike Radio, Power 77 Radio, Prayz, Keep it Real Talk Radio, Art Soul Radio, Transformation Radio, Coalition Kingdom DJs, DJ Will, Pigeons and Planes, Hip Hop DX, and all of our Radio Outlets, in the exact format they request it in. If they like your song they will respond to you directly with the next steps; however, most outlets will either post or reject your submission without letting you know. This does not guarantee placement! This is just a tool to save you time submitting to each of the outlets individually.
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The Single Maximizer is $50. When you click 'Submit' you will be taken to Paypal to either pay with your paypal account or a credit card.