In this episode Jason and Shawn discuss the recent issues with Carl Lentz and ponder the question whether or not his congregation has to toss out all his previous teachings. Similarly, should the ideas portrayed on the Cosby Show still be considered even though he has been found guilty of inappropriate behaviors. Shawn also shares his ideal Christmas movie remakes.

News and Reviews (00:01-43:54)

Jered Sanders – Cappin (43:55-46:11)

Round 5 Top Christmas Movies Remakes (46:12-1:03:54)

Jeremiah Bligen – Paramount (1:03:55-1:09:14)

Baby and Bathwater | Carl Lentz and Bill Cosby (1:09:15-1:29:37)

Midnight Clear – Jingle Bell Rock (1:29:38-1:31:53)

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