Loyalty| @Mike_Sarge @trackstarz

Whenever you see an article or video concerning the topic of loyalty, the focus is usually on other people and how loyal they’re not. But what about you? Better yet: Are you loyal to yourself? That question alone comes off pretty arrogant doesn’t it? So what’s the issue? As believers, we understand that we should […]

Never Stop Learning |Bordeaux’s Business Blog| (@trackstarz @jasonbordeaux1)

A commonly misconstrued thought of common leaders is that they must always be doing all the teaching. Sure they are usually serving as a mentors to others, but they must also be in learning mode. In life, if something is not growing, then it is closer to dying. This is true of living organisms, businesses, […]

Gospel Hip Hop Masterpiece | @trackstarz @kennyfresh_1914

It must be a frustrating time for CHH or Christians doing hip hop, it just must be. Why? Because once again someone has dropped an album using elements and themes of “Christian” music and it is getting praise from mainstream media outlets. For those blissfully unaware, Chance the Rapper dropped a mixtape Coloring Book on May […]

T.R.U.S.T| Mental Health| @korthwest @trackstarz

Do you ever sit down to read the bible or stop to pray and feel you can’t focus, or when you start to read you feel you aren’t hearing from God? It may be because you have so much on your mind or maybe you are multitasking and it is distracting you. Some of us get ready for […]

Target Audience |Bordeaux’s Business Blog| (@trackstarz @jasonbordeaux1)

In any business there should be a target customer where everything is being aimed. Lets say for example an author is writing fiction western books. If they have been doing it for a while and are selling some copies then it would be wise to focus their product on that audience instead of broadening it […]