Dre Beeze | Drops “No Complaints” | (@IamDreBeeze)

On signing day, a coach or team is hoping to get the most prospective player. Well, this time, I think we gotta winner on our hands, and I believe he’s ready to carry the cross on his back. His name is Dre Beeze, being traded out of Detroit, Michigan; to the Kingdom of God. And […]

Russell Sickler | Drops “Bearded Lies” (EP) | April 20th @121mRecords

“Bearded Lies” is based around a barbershop theme in artwork, and the songs on the talk that happens in the chair.  For many, barbershop talk was a place of growth. Wisdom being passed down from the older generation to the younger, with light-hearted banter in-between. The name behind Bearded Lies comes from wordplay around the […]

Prafit Josiah | Blessings and Backstories | @Prafitjosiah

Prafit Josiah has created a Brand New YouTube series called Blessings and BackStories. The purpose of this series as Prafit Josiah puts it, is to, “Share the BackStories to all the Blessings he receives. Many people love giving the awesome testimony of the blessing that God has gave them, but rarely do they tell the BackStory. […]

Prafit Josiah | Is it Okay to Brag about God?? |@PrafitJosiah

Nashville, TN (April 5, 2018) – We live in a day and age where no one wants to offend anyone. Everyone has their own TRUTH. I often hear people make the statement, “Tell YOUR truth.” While I do understand the sentiment, the fact is everybody can’t be right. There aren’t multiple truths, there is only one […]

The INAXXS Group | Announces 4th Annual IMBC Conference | @imbcnyc

THE INAXXS GROUP ANNOUNCES 4TH ANNUAL IMBC CONFERENCE IMBC Aims to Develop Current and Future Music Business Professionals in Christian After a successful 2017, The Inaxxs Group returns for their annual Music Business Conference. Top tier music industry professional from companies such as Spotify, Def Jam Records, eOne, and RCA Inspiration will be on hand […]

Prafit Josiah Releases New Single | “Count Yah Blessings” | @Trackstarz @Prafitjosiah

Count Yah Blessings” Pre-Order Available Now! Song available Friday January 26, 2018 Prafit Josiah is finally letting the Lion out of the Cage. He even recorded the Lion in the song!  We are definitely looking forward to his Debut Album dropping this Summer. Be sure to Pre-Order this Single or Stream on Spotify. Link below. http://bit.ly/CountYahBlessings