Cross Movement Honored at The Legacy Conference| @Intercession4aG @trackstarz

Last week The Cross Movement was honored for nearly 20 years in Christian Hip-hop. They reunited at The Legacy Conference performing, and receiving the “Lifetime Legacy Award.”  They are what I consider fathers to a generation and to a movement of young people who have a heart after Jesus Christ. Because of their willingness to […]

What it Means to Enter into God’s Rest Pt. 1| @Intercession4aG @trackstarz

Often when we as believers are in a state of transition, God calls us to rest. We should always be able to rest in God, but sometimes when we come out of hard places, trials, or tribulations the after affect of the experience makes it hard to rest. Rest means according to Google Definition: Cease […]

What Does it Mean to Have a Sound Mind? | @Intercession4aG @trackstarz

Sound means the proper, appropriate, whole, right, and  correct way of thinking.  To have a sound mind, means to have the proper dissemination of information, which results in a right perspective. We know that the Word of God is sound and anything that does not fall in line with that is unsound point blank period. […]