A Deeper Look at Identity through Jesus Christ | @intercession4ag @trackstarz

Being a believer is a process where the believer goes from glory to glory. We go from one place of maturity to a greater place of maturity, one place of knowledge to a greater place of knowledge and wisdom. We are cleansed and made more into the image of Christ through Christ’s word. Sanctify them […]

What Is Your Motivation? | @intercession4ag @trackstarz

Is it to compete with your neighbor and go further than they have? Is it to prove to the naysayers that they are indeed just naysayers? I’ve found that there is a perversion of motivation that as believers we need to guard ourselves against. That is the motivation to do things for the wrong reason. […]

Guard Your Intimate Relationship With God | @intercesstion4ag @trackstarz

Those who really know me know that my intimate relationship with God is the most important thing that I have. I emphasize intimate, meaning close. This is important because there are believers in Christ who are far from God, and believers in Christ who are close to God. I want to be one who is […]