BenRodz’s Artist of the Week: JayR

Hello everyone and welcome to the seventeenth installment in my Artist of the Week series!

After a brief hiatus due to personal reasons I’m happy to announce that this series is back and will be returning to a weekly basis.

This week we have a young, talented and upcoming artist by the name of JayR, Jacob is a 16 year old Christian Hip Hop artist hailing from Miami, Florida .

Having made his debut in 2022 at the age of 14 with the release of his debut single “JESUS”, JayR proved that despite his young age, he’s determined to stay, grow as an artist and improve along the way.

Drawing inspiration from artists such as WHATUPRG and Jon Keith, Jacob brings together his own unique sound and flow along with Christ centered lyrics to the CHH scene.

Despite having a small discography with only five singles and one ep, JayR is an artist who cares a lot about the music he puts out, taking the time to perfect his songs before he puts them out.  On May 17, 2024, he released his debut EP entitled No Loss, featuring singles “Ma Peace” and “BREAK”. 

With much more in store for 2024, JayR is proof that even at a young age it’s possible to chase your dreams and become an artist, having garnered attention from CHH artists such as Not Klyde , Aklesso and Marty from Social Club Misfits, Jacob is an artist you don’t want to miss out on and an artist to be on the lookout for to blow up, I truly believe that this year will be a game changer for him.

As always if you like this article and rock with JayR please make sure to drop him a follow here and make sure to check out this playlist that’s updated weekly with three songs from each artist featured on this series!

That brings us to the end of this week’s segment, huge shout out to my homie SiahThyLegend for suggesting I pick JayR for this week and huge shout out to JayR for being super dope and answering all my questions 😂, hope y’all enjoyed, thanks for taking the time to read this, until next time God bless.