Glory Nights Tour: Image of God review

Hello everyone and welcome to my concert review, this is brand new, something I haven’t done before but it’s something I’ve wanted to do so here we go.

Childlike CiCi: CiCi put on a great performance, full of energy, knew how to hype the crowd up and even went live on Instagram for one of her songs.

Playing crowd favorites such as “Stay Low”, “I DON’T EVEN WALK BY SIGHT” and “Why Would I”, as the only female performer on the tour, CiCi more than held her own ground and proved she knew how to put on a great performance.

As well as making sure that people understood the message of her music, pointing it all back to the glory of God.

Yung Kriss + Don Ready: Yung Kriss started off his set really strong before bringing out his good friend and frequent collaborator Don Ready.

Together the pair performed hits such as “2 Serious”, “Way Too Good”, and “We Know”.

Bringing his experienced R&B sound together with Christian lyrics and assistance from rapper and good friend Don Ready, Kriss puts on an amazing set that gives you the full experience of R&B.

But with good clean vibes, pointing the crowd back to God and taking time to worship Him, Yung Kriss was definitely a highlight act of the night.

WHATUPRG: The greatest to do it, RG put on such an amazing show, he had me and the entire crowd jumping up and down shouting the lyrics out at the top of our lungs.

Assisted by good friend and fellow HEAVENONEARTH member Enzo Gran on the guitar, RG shows why he’s a top tier performer, always pointing people back to God but also having fun and being himself.

He performed crowd favorites such as “PRAISE!”, “God Made A Way”, “This Time Last Year”, “HOLLYWOOD”, “Drip Lee” and “Glory”, even offering a bit of his testimony before launching into the hit GMAW (“God Made A Way”).

Everything about his stage presence, crowd control and enthusiasm just helps round out what an amazing performer he is second only behind KB.

Limoblaze: Limo put on a really good show, although I’m not super familiar with his music I found myself having a great time and wanting to get more into his discography.

He opened up his set with Sam Rivera’s hit single that he was featured on, “Lord & Savior”, from there he went on to perform crowd hits such as, “Put It On God”, and “Jireh (My Provider)” among others.

Constantly interacting with the crowd, getting into “his preaching bag” a bit as he called it, Limoblaze was an all around solid performer who always pointed the crowd back to God, giving his all and offering praise up to God.

KB: The star of the night, it doesn’t matter how many times I’ve seen him in concert, KB never ceases to amaze me and exceed every expectation.

Always making sure that he’s pointing people back to God, Glory Nights: Image of God is exactly what it sounds like, a tour dedicated to bringing glory to God and giving our all up to Him.

From people in the Q&A session telling him how his music has gotten them through dark times, has helped them overcome addiction and even encouraged them to give their life to Jesus and walk with Him.

To his messages to the crowd during his performance, KB is a man of God that just lights a fire inside of you and makes you want to chase after God and love Him and have a relationship with Him.

KB lays it all on the line with hit after hit pointing people back to the glory of God, with fantastic crowd control, unbelievably hype performances and a great band, KB is someone you absolutely want to see live.

Everything you see about him whether it be from fellow artists, his book, his podcast or his music is exactly what you get if not more in person.

His fire and passion for God is unmatched all while putting on a top tier show, KB is without a doubt the best concert you could attend, he’ll have you jumping and down, going crazy so much you’ll be sweating and undoubtedly sore the next day 😂.

But when it comes to worshipping God and making sure people understand that he intends to point the glory back to God at every point and do it for His glory, KB is unmatched.

Opening his set up with “Intro To Glory” and performing crowd favorites such as “Glory 2 Glory”, “100”, “Not Today Satan”, “Church Clap”, “Sideways”, “Armies”, “Remember Me/ Baby Mama”, “King Jesus”, “It Ain’t Safe”, “Danza”, “Miracles”, “Talk To Me Nice”, “Graves”, “10k” and “No Chains”.

The longest set of the night, KB never fails to put on an amazing show that always points people back to God, I highly encourage you and recommend if the opportunity ever arises, go see KB in concert.

You’ll come away with a renewed fire to chase God, feel more confident in yourself, as well as getting a chance to worship God and go crazy.

I want to say first of all thanks to God, ‘cause without Him I wouldn’t have opportunities like these, I am nothing without God and every day He continues to show me even more love, grace and mercy than I deserve, all praise and all glory goes to Him and Him alone.

This was my first time doing something like this so I hope you enjoyed it, my Artist of the Week series will return next week with a very special guest so make sure you stay tuned for that, until next time, God bless!