BenRodz’s Artist of the Week: A3

Hello everyone and welcome to the twelfth installment in my Artist of the Week series, this week we have A3!

A3 is a young Mexican American Christian artist hailing out of Texas, despite only being 20 years old Aiden has already established a name for himself in the CHH scene.

Having made his debut in 2020 with the release of his debut single “SHOOT THE COUP”, A3 has been on a journey to not only establish himself as an artist but also to establish his sound and making sure that above all else he’s pointing people back to God.

With the release of his debut album HEAR THE HEAVENS! in 2022 Aiden proved he was here to stay, in 2023 Aiden took a different approach to music with the release of his album I’D GO TO HELL FOR YOU, the concept of the album being he would be willing to go to hell for anyone who doesn’t know Jesus just so that they could experience His love.

In 2023 A3 announced that he was a part of fellow CHH artist and friend WHATUPRG’s collective HEAVENONEARTH alongside his brother and fellow artist 350, the collective is comprised of twelve artists and producers whose only goal is to see Heaven on earth.

A3 has come a long way since his debut in 2020, with features from fellow CHH artists and HEAVENONEARTH members including the aforementioned WHATUPRG, 350, Not Klyde, and Rhomar Jessy , with his unique sound, catchy beats and Christ centered lyrics A3 is an artist you don’t wanna miss out on with seventeen singles and two albums, Aiden is proving he’s here to stay.

His new song “LiES TRY TO TAKE MY LiFE” featuring 1K Phew just dropped yesterday, Tuesday March 26th, so make sure you go peep that and if you’re rocking with A3 make sure to drop him a follow here, and make sure to check out this playlist that I update every week with three songs each from the featured Artists of the Week!

Lastly I just want to give a huge shout out and thank you to A3 for not only being willing to be this week’s featured artist but also being super kind and understanding and willing to help me with everything I needed.

A3 is an artist I’ve looked up to for years, he’s one of my favorite artists and I couldn’t be more excited that I was able to have this opportunity, God bless and I hope y’all have an amazing week!