Experience Meets Audacity: ‘Reap What You Sow’ and the Genesis of a Genre-Breaking Collaboration (@Trackstarz, @PrafitJosiah, @EshonBurgundy, @TuuBMusic)

Nashville, TN – “If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” This sentiment encapsulates the essence of the synergy and collaboration involving Prafit Josiah, Eshon Burgundy and Tuu B.; which is poised to shatter Christian Hip-hop expectations. Their audacious blend of soulful R&B, bass-heavy Afro Beats flavor and hip-hop rhythms on their latest release, “Reap What You Sow,” promises to redefine genre boundaries and compel listeners to hit that replay button immediately.
When asked how this song came about, Prafit Josiah says, “I was eager to craft another track with my guy Tuu B., who is exceptional as a songwriter and vocalist. Furthermore, Eshon’s voice seemed to be a perfect fit for this song, so I had to reach out to them both, I was excited when they both agreed to join me on track”.
In all honesty, it’s nearly impossible to dispute the mastery of Eshon’s lyrical flow as showcased on this record. Equally, it’s pivotal to emphasize that each contributor to this track brings an abundance of songwriting proficiency, with no less than two decades under their belts. That special seasoning that only comes with experience, infuses the music with a distinctive resonance that you can absolutely feel in your core.

Do not sleep on “Reap What You Sow”, which is set to drop December 8, 2023. You can pre-order and download the song for FREE right now, here. – https://PrafitJosiah.com/reap-what-you-sow