VIGI | “Amen” Song Review | @iamvigiofficial @trackstarz @forthelovehiphop

VIGI may be new to making music for Christ, but he’s certainly not a new artist. The Melbourne, FL rapper has been on his grind for years, but recently made the impactful decision to change the direction of his artistry, now dropping what he calls “Truth Music.” On February 13th, 2023, VIGI dropped his latest album ‘While Submerged in Water,’ which speaks life into people who are trying to be renewed by God while struggling through life, as well as towards non-believers who are looking for hope. “Amen,” which is the lead single from the album, has already picked up a bit of steam and serves as an anthemic track with the recurring chant “Amen” during the chorus. “Amen” begins with VIGI giving a spoken intro, reminding the listener and himself that it’s necessary to give God praise always, knowing that there is a grand scheme behind everything in our lives. The instrumental is a very solid, piano based trap track that matches up well with VIGI’s steady flow. The verses highlight VIGI’s thankfulness for how God has guided him throughout in his journey, even through trials and tribulations like being in jail and feeling as if he had no aim in life. “Amen” is a song that you can play loud in your car or over a speaker while glorifying God, as well as serving as a reminder when going through hardship that God is still there and will continue to provide. VIGI executes on this banger without trying to give himself the attention on the mic and instead points it all toward the Creator.