If God is Good, Why Are Bad Things Happening?| @intercession4ag @trackstarz

If God is good, why does bad stuff happen is a logical question. Those who think logically may assume that those who say God is good are in a special category. Or, that they’ve only experienced good things in their life. The truth is God’s character of goodness, grace, favor, faithfulness, and love isn’t often seen as intimately during the good times.

It’s seen more intimately through the dark and uncomfortable times in our lives. Meaning, yes, we can see God is good when good things are happening. We often take it for granted. However, when bad things are happening, God is closer and more unique in showing his goodness.

We have to be aware and sensitive to see him working beyond our heart-wrenching experiences. People that say God is good and know it for themselves; are people who have walked with God through some things. They’ve learned that God has high standards yet is merciful enough to give us the grace to meet those standards as we grow in him.

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