Reflect | New History @reflectdartist

Hailing from Queens NY, Reflect unapologetically creates music that impacts his
community, nation and speaks to our culture today. Being a true embodiment of
HipHop, the message & lyricism has always mattered most. His unique approach to
music pulls from influential names like; Lupe, Jay and Nas. Reflect acknowledges, “It
was artists like DMX, Cross movement, and Japhia life that broke the mold and showed
me that you can rap about God, your faith and personal journey without it being corny
or lesser than. It was fire.” Music isn’t the only way Reflect makes an impact. Being an
educator, justice minister and community leader for Black & Brown communities who
are battling poverty and systemic injustices in New York City and also nationally as a
leader in the K.I.N.G. Movement, is just as important. Reflect not only sees Hip Hop as
an expressive art form but also a vehicle for change. Expanding the conversation in Hip
Hop around justice, authentic living while fighting injustice and worshiping God is the
backbone of his life work.
Next up, Reflect just released his new album: ‘New History’. “This is a progression of
my journey as a Black man, Christian, Husband, Artist, Activist, Educator, and Minister.”
This project pushes the boundaries of Christian Hip Hop by fusing his story, the faith,
current events and the historical fight for racial justice on the hip hop canvas. New
History prioritizes message, lyricism, and is tailor fitted for the post George Floyd era
we’re living in. Reflect shares, “Its my hope that this project can be a soundtrack to
those in the fight for justice.”