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YP aka Young Paul 'Fire In the Palace'

YP aka Young Paul Presents the Four-Track EP, ‘Fire In The Palace’

South Bronx, NY – “The fire had not had any power over the bodies of those men. The hair of their heads was not singed, their cloaks were not harmed, and no smell of fire had come upon them.” – Daniel 3:27

Fire in the Palace is a melodic, four-track EP that has arrived at the perfect time. YP aka Young Paul skates effortlessly over the BernHady production, showcasing his lyrical gifts while offering a message of hope for those who listen. 

From the eclectic opener “So Long”, where YP urges the listener to keep going even through the hard times, to the self-reflective “Something Tells Me”, Fire in the Palace is a perfect example of classic, east coast hip hop. The piano-driven “Don’t Walk Away” features a masterful blend of smooth production and YP’s gritty cadence. “Mr. Banks” is reminiscent of a late-night drive when the brokenness of the world disappears, even if just temporarily. Throughout the project, YP brings all of life’s strife back to the redeeming power found at the cross of Christ.

BernHardy fully produced the project, putting his own touch to the vintage, east coast sound. In Christian hip-hop, artists often find themselves pressured to project an image of perfection that the church can co-sign. YP aka Young Paul acknowledges the rough edges but refuses to be defined by them. He embraces his past because it led him to where he is now. YP is proof of how God can use those who submit to His plan.

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Project Details

Title: Fire in the Palace

Artist: YP aka Young Paul

Production: BernHardy

Engineering: BernHardy

Features: Kev Adjei

About: YP aka Young Paul was born and raised in Jersey City, NJ. He bounced around Hudson county for the next 25 years. Currently, YP is living in the South Bronx and has been there for almost 10 years. Rapping for over a decade, YP has collaborated with some of the best DJ’s and artists from around the world. His mission is to create art that hip-hop fans can appreciate and enjoy. Simultaneously, YP brings hope and encouragement to seek after God for transformation and renewing of the mind. His hope is that, through music, people will be encouraged to go after Jesus.


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