Mike E Shares Why He Is Comfortable Being “Weird” | @mikeeisel7 @trackstarz

WEIRD & PECULIAR is a burning light that will affect dark places of self-hatred, oppressive thinking, and feelings of no self-worth. It’s filled
with hard hitting truths that can transform lives. The entire experience is a journey to freedom.

MIKE E wants the listener to learn to be bold in being who God created them to be. To understand that different and originality is always the wave!


A vision came to Mike E. in a dream, that shook him to the core. The vision was clear, loud, and extremely impactful. It got him running out of bed at 3 a.m. to write raps once again, but this time with his truest message and with a new sound for the world. He realized he was created to let the world know that there is a light inside of them begging to be freed. His message and mission is to promote self-love, confidence in being WEIRD, empathy to all walks of life, and direction to the author of life. Growing up, Mike E. spent his entire high school/college experience trying to be what was popular. Although he made a lot of bad choices to be a “cool kid” in high school, he always felt out of place, as if he didn’t belong. It was as if something had him terrified to truly be himself. He started indulging in various “negative activities”. He also started rapping during this time in his life. He would spit bars at parties in cypher circles and people loved it. The first rap group he joined talked about horrific violence and drugs. His second rap group talked about the party lifestyle and women. After high school he continued to pursue rap until about the age of 22. It started to feel like another thing he was doing for popularity, because he was afraid to be different and rap about the true things on his heart. He realized a few years later that he was created to be different and has been leading this movement ever since. Welcome To The WEIRDO PACK.


M A N A G E M E N T , L L C
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