Suave Sterling Drops An EP In Honor Of Resurrection Sunday | @suavesterling @trackstarz

“Baddie” is a song from Suave Sterling’s newest EP Finest Hour. This 3-song EP was released on Resurrection Sunday to represent the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. One song for each day. The song “Baddie” was inspired by the latter part of Philippians 4:6, in which it says, “…make your requests known to God”. Suave’s request to the Lord is a godly woman who is also physically appealing. Many times people say they just want a person to know the Lord, but aren’t honest about what they truly want. In this single, Suave does not champion fleeting looks over a relationship with God, but instead highlights that there are many attractive people who do not know the Lord. “Baddie” is a catchy tune that aims to inspire people who may focus only on the outside appearance to also focus on their relationship with God. You can listen to this song and the full EP Finest Hour at: or visit your favorite streaming platform and listen there. For more information about this artist, you can visit his website at: