6 Things That Need to Be in Place Before Christian Dating | @trackstarz @intercession4ag

There are some things that should be in place before Christian dating. It’s interesting how many want to just jump into a relationship without wisdom or support. Dating is no joke. Yes, it’s just a set time to meet someone getting to know them. However, dating can easily become serious as it can involve the heart. The Bible cautions us to guard our hearts because out of it flows the issues of life. This means every other area of our lives can be affected simply by what we allow into our hearts.

Just like we guard our hearts against false doctrine and lust. We must also guard our hearts against relationships that should not go further than a first date or phone conversation. We don’t want to lead ourselves astray because of our desires. This is why I’ve listed a few things that must be in place before a process of dating is implemented.

Trust in God Must Be in Place in Christian Dating

It’s great to have a holy desire for marriage. This means a desire to honor God in an equally yoked relationship that leads to marriage. However, these types of relationships aren’t being given out overnight. Those who desire to walk out the process of honoring God in relationships are rare. It takes sacrifice to honor God in singleness as well as in a Christian dating relationship. It is uncomfortable at times to honor God as a single person. Thus, many have chosen the route of self-gratification.

Some people simply have become discouraged not believing there is anyone out there who also desires to honor God. So, they’ve joined the party of self-gratification. Self-gratification is immediate and fleeting at the same time. The long path of self-denial through obeying God in the present will build our trust in God.

As we allow an intimate relationship with the Lord to be developed within us as singles, we’ll start to see that it is possible to do things God’s way because God helps us to honor him. The resolve that we’ve gotten through growing in our trust in God prepares us for the process of Christian dating.

Then, we won’t choose what’s in front of our face just because it’s there. We will choose what is best for us instead. Our faith and trust in God will have become built to know that the same God who delivered us from ourselves and our weak flesh will be the same God who will bring us a godly spouse at his appointed time.

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