Just Robert Dropped His New EP “See Me Through” | @imjustrobert @trackstarz

Can anybody see me? I mean, truly see me and everything I’m going through? Sometimes, it feels like I’m all alone in the struggles I face. Sometimes, I really doubt that things will get better, and everything will be okay. However, it’s in those times we must remind ourselves how great our God is. Our minds are drawn to the negativity in our lives. But our hearts when placed in Christ have no other choice but to remain in God’s hands. Our EP “See Me Through” begins with a cry in “Angels Come Down” that leads to an emptying of emotions through “Broken”. From there, we realize that we need to keep it “Movin’” because, there’s nothing left to “Prove” outside of Christ. As a result, we’re able to firmly place our roots of faith in God because his love, grace and mercy will “Never Stop”. We hope you enjoy this project, and we pray that God speaks to you through it on a personal level. Whatever stage you’re in, whether that be crying, emptying, movin’, acknowledging or adhering, we know God will always see you through!

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