Brinson Interview | 5 Things We Wish We Liked | @solomonsporchpodcast @iambrinson @trackstarz

In this episode Jason and Shawn discuss the new Godchaserz documentary with the head of the label, Brinson. They talk about the ministry and all the ways it has been a blessing to many around the globe over the past 15 years.

Jason and Shawn also share 5 things that they wish they like.

News and Reviews (00:01-28:14)

Oatmeal – On Go ft. Brinson (28:15-31:07)

5 Things We Wish We Liked (31:08-49:26)

Jason Bordeaux – War Cry ft. Jered Sanders (49:27-53:43)

Brinson Interview (53:44-1:55:18)

Brinson – Grudges (1:55:19-1:58:53)

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