Chief Welton Drops A New Anthem “On God” | @chiefwelton @trackstarz

“I am Chief Welton. I bring the truth to the trap and the trap to the truth. That means that my sound is a merge between the hood and Harvard. I am unafraid to speak about who matters most to me and the struggles and pain that I have been through. I pray that my art will inspire you to be who God created you to be, even if you aren’t religious.

My new single, “On God” is a trap style anthem for people of faith to declare their confidence in God in a world that tries to make us ashamed of who we are. Nevertheless, confidence in God means that we can be transparent about not only our victories, but also our past failures trusting that God is faithful in both. This is a song that you can dance to and have fun with friends while listening to it. Yet, you also can reflect on a depth of meaning contained within the transparent bars.


Please add “On God” to your playlists so that we can increase believers confidence in God throughout the world.”

Grace and peace,