indie tribe Releases “Mountain View Drive” Documentary | @indiextribe @cinemaddox @iamaferrell @trackstarz

The collective known as indie tribe has been killing 2021 with their critically acclaimed project ‘U P P E R H A N D’ and their musical festival “Holy Smoke! Festival.” Now they are taking the tribe behind the scenes to see exactly how this music was made with their “Mountain View Drive” documentary.

This documentary takes the viewer through the week long process it took indie tribe to create the music for their amazing album. From questioning how this would work with all the unique perspectives and sounds, to the spiritual aspect of devotionals and talks, this film takes you through it all.

It’s clear that excellence and brotherhood are at the forefront of everything the tribe does, and that comes across in the album and the documentary. There is no shortage of comedic moments, hints at the songs, and each artists take on the Tribal Council retreat. Check out the documentary on YouTube and go back and run up the streams for ‘U P P E R H A N D.’


What did you think of the film and did it give you a newfound respect and love for the music they created?