Propaganda Releases Inspiring “Terraform” EP Number 2, “Terraform: The Sky” | @prophiphop @producedbyls @trackstarz

Propaganda continues his theme of terraforming with his latest project, ‘Terraform: The Sky.’ Propaganda is building a better world with his words and this latest EP takes the concept even further. The first EP talked about our need for each other as people, but ‘Terraform: The Sky’ goes in a different direction.





Propaganda explained in a video that the sky has everything it needs. All of the water that is on Earth is all that’s ever been, there is no new water. Water falls from the sky, evaporates and returns to the sky, and thus the cycle continues. Prop may be saying that everything that humans need to build a better world already resides inside us. From knowledge of what’s good for us in “Gutteral,” to having what we need “Already,” Prop takes us through various topics and reasserts that we have all we need to build a new world… just like the sky.


With each new ‘Terraform’ project Prop has teamed up with a different producer. From ‘Terraform: The People’ produced by DJ Malksi, Prop has tapped in L’s to handle the production of ‘Terraform: The Sky.’




The EP is out now and is available wherever you cop your music, so be sure to run those numbers up! What do you think of the project, and do you like the world that Propaganda is building with newest work?