nobigdyl. “WHAT A DAY” And “100K Freestyle” Double Single | @nobigdyl @ayeyoungjordan @saintnovella @trackstarz

nobigdyl. is back with another hit, but this time he hits the listener with a double single! On “WHAT A DAY” and “100K Freestyle” is talking about a controversial topic: money, but he addresses it as only Dyllie can.


One of the first lines on “WHAT A DAY,” Dyl. spits, “Had to double up the generosity since I upped the fee,” that’s not something you hear very often in this space. Christians get weird about money (even though it’s mentioned all throughout the Scriptures) but Dyl. tackles it head on. Independence and generosity are two principles at the forefront of the indie tribe ethos and “WHAT A DAY” deals with that. When nobigdyl. spits, “10 percent goes to Melchizedek and 10 goes to a charity.”


On “100K Freestyle,” nobigdyl. switches it up and talks about how he lives when the fans tell him how great he is, but sometimes he focuses too much on the money aspect. “Made 100K and forgot to pray,” makes you sit back and reevaluate your own relationship with money.


Make sure you go cop the double single wherever you consume digital music. What do you think of the release? Which single is your favorite of the two?