Uzuhan Releases The Sublime “Never Going Back” Single | @uzuhanmusic @patrickhizonmusic @heydeki @trackstarz

Uzuhan continues to release great music that speaks to the soul. On his latest release, “Never Going Back,” Uzuhan says he’s never going back to the lies he used to tell himself or the person he used to be. He allowed his fans to submit quotes to be placed on the single artwork, thus making this release relatable to even more people. Uzuhan opened up about the time he was part of a group that was on the verge of being signed, but the label didn’t know how they would market them. Uzuhan also spoke about the Atlanta spa shootings and the ignorant statements surrounding the tragic and horrendous event.

This song is for the dreamers and those trying to figure out life, Uzuhan is right there with the listener encouraging them to not go back to who they used to be. Don’t return to the lies you used to tell yourself, we have to let go and become the person we were meant to be. The single is available wherever you listen to music digitally, so make sure you run up those streaming numbers! What did you think about Uzuhan’s latest song?