J. Crum “CLARITY” Featuring Czar Josh | @jcrummusic @czarjoshmusic @gage_hanson @cri.ti.cal @trackstarz

Oklahoma’s own J. Crum has never been one to shy away from talking about subjects that some may consider controversial, and his latest single, “CLARITY,” is proof of that. To add fuel to the fire of the gaslighting white evangelicals, J. Crum took his “CLARITY” single to the next level with the music video.

In this video, J. Crum and Czar Josh talk about their issues they’ve dealt with in church. In recent years, there have been many Black Christian Hip Hop artists that have been speaking about the fallacy of an Eastern faith with a caucasian Savior, and Crum joins that number. With lines like, “Your blonde hair Jesus ain’t no friend of me/don’t pretend he ain’t the king of white supremacy,” J. Crum makes it quite clear where he stands. Throw in images of the Caucasian pictures of Jesus being burned and reduced to ashes, and this video may ruffle some feathers and start uncomfortable conversations. This is most likely the point behind the single and the video. Truth can only shine forth when lies are dismantled. This image of Jesus was intentionally used for hundreds of years, so we have to be as intentional with speaking against it.

Check out the video below and make sure you run up the streams on this single! What do you think of the video?