3 Tests Singleness Present |@intercession4ag @russelynwilliams @trackstarz

Singleness presents 3 tests that we must overcome to walk in wholeness as single believers. Facing these challenges like Jesus did in Luke 4 will give us the tools needed to see our current situation properly and walk in confidence that God is faithful to keep his promises to us as singles.

Singleness provides the test of Proving Ourselves

Singleness provides the temptation to prove our worthiness for love. We’re tempted to prove that there’s nothing wrong with us. We aren’t single because we’re not easy to get along with or unbeautiful, but for other things like purpose, the gift of singleness, and God’s providence.

Some singles take this to an extreme changing themselves to what they feel will make them more acceptable or suitable for love. However, there is a fine line between being humble enough to make any necessary growth adjustments, as we all need to grow, and not being firm in our identity while in the state of singleness.

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