S.O. Releases ” Kinda Love” Official Music Video | @sothekid @joshuamartinstudios @trackstarz

S.O. is back in his bag with his newest music video “Kinda Love.” At this stage of his career, S.O. is known for bringing top notch visuals and this music video doesn’t doesn’t disappoint. This song and video showcase S.O.’s love for his wife and the love that the two of them share together. S.O.’s wife is actually in the video and the viewer gets to see them interact with each other. This is a great thing to see in the CHH genre and the video work done by Joshua Martin was excellent.

Check out the video below and go purchase and then stream S.O.’s latest album ‘Larry Ginni Crescent.’ What do you think of the song and video? Do you want more songs and videos like these from S.O.?