Swoope Drops “Forever” Single Featuring Derek Minor | @mrswoope @thederekminor @miyuuls @trackstarz

Swoope, AKA “Swoope There It Is,” is back with yet another banging single. His latest single, “Forever,” speaks to the fact that he’s going to keep making music about his real black life and his walk with Jesus forever. Swoope has never been one of those flash in the pan type of artists, he’s always sought to make music that will last. Swoope tags in another veteran emcee, Derek Minor, who goes off on this verse. Derek gives all the glory to God for directing his career path and jabs that those who hate will be destined to play on the sidelines forever while he actually plays in the game “Forever.”

Swoope enlisted Jacob “Biz” Morris to mix the record and Natalie Lauren directed the cover design for this single, and the photo was taken by someone named Miles. Make sure you cop the single, run up the streams and tell a friend to tell a friend. If you are on a path to do something for the long haul: marriage, career, ministry and so forth, you might need to make this single your theme song for the foreseeable future! What do you think of Swoope’s latest single?