Deraj Releases New EP And Lands Placement on Disney’s “Cruella” | @justderaj @trackstarz

Today is a big day for Orlando’s own Deraj! He continues to release cinematic hip hop/rock music with his latest EP ‘Fight.’ This six song project is sure to have you hype and don’t be surprised if some of this music makes its way into films or TV shows. As quiet as kept, Deraj has been killing the placement game for the past couple of years. He has landed placements on NBA, NFL, NCAA, and a plethora of other places. Go check out his Instagram to see some examples of his placements.

Deraj continues this streak of placements with the placement of the song “Bang” from his cinematic hip hop EP ‘Art of War’ on Disney’s Cruella film! The cinematic EP was done in collaboration with trailer house Ghost Writer Music Group and released late last year. The new Disney film just hit theaters and Disney+ today, so make sure you go check it out and keep your ears tuned to hear Deraj’s music in the film! Deraj continues to push limits and boundaries with his music and continues to land amazing placements; stay tuned to see what else Deraj has in store! What’s your favorite song from Deraj’s latest project?