KB “Dark Skin” Feat. Black Violin Lyric Video | @kb_hga @blackviolin @trackstarz

KB also known as K to the Second Letter, one half of the dynamic duo podcast Southside Rabbi, recently released a lyric video for his song “Dark Skin” featuring Black Violin. This song covers weighty topic of accepting those with dark skin. From the self hatred that lives in some black folks that drives them to try to lighten their skin with skin bleaching creams, to law enforcement that targets those with dark skin, KB goes in.

For those who can’t always keep up with KB’s flow and cadence, this lyric video allows you to see every word that’s on KB’s heart in this song. KB always brings it back to the immutable fact that Jesus is the answer and Heaven is the standard.

Check out the video below and make sure you check out his album ‘His Glory Alone.’ What do you think of the music video and the song? Does this message resonate with you?