Deraj Releases New EP “Breakout” | @justderaj @trackstarz

Florida based artist, Deraj, recently released a new EP titled ‘Breakout.’ This four track project finds Deraj going back to his roots when he experimented with writing and rapping over rock beats. The project already has two placements: “Rising Up” got placed with T-Mobile and “Lace Em Up” was played at the Super Bowl! If Deraj seems like he’s been quiet, it’s because he’s been heavily working on getting his music into film and television, and he’s landed a lot of placements.

Check out Deraj’s Instagram profile for a look at more of his placements. Last year, Deraj teamed up with a trailer house, Ghost Writer Music Group (credits: Mulan, Lion King, Aquaman etc.), to release a cinematic hip hop project ‘Art of War.’ Make sure you go cop Deraj’s latest project and scoop up his older ones if you’ve been sleeping on his music. What’s your favorite song from ‘Breakout’ and would you like to hear more music like this from Deraj?