A.I. The Anomaly “Grwn Woman” Feat. B. Angelique Music Video | @aitheanomaly @b.angelique @gomrecords @trackstarz

A.I. The Anomaly just dropped a music video for the women’s empowerment anthem “Grwn Woman.” This music video finds A.I. and her fellow emcee B. Angelique speaking highly of the women who are mothers, wives, and entrepreneurs. These ladies are the innovators in whatever spaces they find themselves and they will get the job done. The video features cameos of various women entrepreneurs, their fields, and their websites. A.I. is always good about shining a light on others and what they are contributing to the world.

This song sounds like Proverbs 31 over a dope beat. While many focus on the woman and her beauty in that Proverb, many overlook the parts that speak to the woman working with her hands. A.I. and B. Angelique hone in on this aspect of womanhood with a catchy hook that is sure to women all around the world singing that they too are a “Grwn Woman.”

Check out the video below and make sure you cop A.I.’s album ‘Soul’s Acrylic’ if you haven’t already. What do you think of the song and video? Who is the “Grwn Woman” in your life?