Eshon Burgundy Releases New Single “Nothing But The Blood” | @eshonburgundy @thenftry @mixengineerk1dd @trackstarz

Eshon Burgundy hit the New year running with the release of his newest single “Nothing But The Blood.” This single finds Eshon rapping over his own production as he asserts nothing but the blood of Jesus is what’s keeping him. This single is exclusively available on his Bandcamp for purchase or you can join his Patreon community to obtain the single. This new song will eventually be available on all other streaming platforms, but for now, go ahead and make your first music purchase of the new year Eshon’s “Nothing But The Blood.”

Many had questions after Eshon Burgundy said he was a Hebrew last year, but listening to this single should lay fears to rest. Eshon is still representing Yeshua in his music. This is the first single from Burgundy’s upcoming project ‘Don’t Shoot the Messenger,’ which will release January 8,2021. Check out a snippet of the new single below. What do you think of this song and are you excited about the new album?