SuNWhoa Releases “Blackboard Vol. 1” Album | @sunwhoalove @trackstarz

California native, SuNWhoa Love, has released a new project unlike anything he’s released. The Black Samurai lays down his katana and picks up a ruler and becomes Professor Whoa on ‘Blackboard Vol.1.’


When SuNWhoa, isn’t rapping he’s a teacher in the public school system. As he taught he realized that many of the students weren’t engaged. Whoa put some of the class material in hip hop form and saw a difference in engagement and test scores. Utilizing the power of music and creativity, Professor Whoa crafted a nine song project that covers math, positive affirmations, and English.


The Professor wrote and produced the entire project and has a workbook that serves as an additional resource. Whoa’s heart behind this project is giving parents good music they play for their students, and engaging music that helps the students learn and digest material in an interesting way.


You can purchase two songs on streaming platforms, but the entire project is available exclusively on Professor Whoa’s site. You can buy the bundle for yourself or gift it to someone. This is the first of hopefully many educational hip hop projects, check out the project and let SunWhoa know what you think!