Jonathan Baker Releases New EP “Let Us Stand” | @jonathan_wp_baker @trackstarz

Jonathan Baker AKA “Mr. Nothing’s Wrong,” recently released a new EP titled ‘Let Us Stand.’  This EP appears to be the spiritual sequel to the project, ‘All Minds Clear,’ a project that Jonathan and Taelor Gray collaborated on. When you put the titles together you are get the statement, “All Minds Clear, Let Us Stand,” […]

Parris Chariz “WWYD | Angel In Disguise” Music Video | @parrischariz @trackstarz

Parris Chariz of World 45 recently dropped a new music video featuring two of his songs from his project ‘2045:Airwavs(Deluxe Album).’ This video features the bonus tracks “WWYD” and “Angel In Disguise” which are both bonus tracks from the deluxe album, and it paints a cohesive picture about money and why people go to great […]