HillaryJane is Back Like She “Never Left” With New Single | @itshillaryjane @juicebangers @trackstarz

HillaryJane is back with a brand new single! This is the song you need to sing when you need to remember the faithfulness of God. Life hits hard, but God is there to hold us up.

HillaryJane has this to say about the song,”When I’m struggling with depression, miscarriage, my mother’s cancer, family issues, and more, God has always been there for me. He is here and willing to comfort his children, remind us of truth when we just can’t remember, and hold us fast until the day we see him face to face. He is our strength when we have none. Is our light when we cant see in the dark. Never left is the song you sing when all you can do is lean into his faithfulness. “

The single was produced by Juice Bangers, and hopefully we can expect to hear a lot more music from Hillary in the future. What do you think about her song?