Armond Wakeup “Don’t Panic” Single, Announces New Album | @armondwakeup @doc_beats @trackstarz

2020 seams to be the year of the Wakeup. With Coronavirus exposing flaws in our society, election season revealing what’s in our hearts, a lot of people who were sleep are starting to wake up.

Ohio based rapper, Armond Wakeup, hit the streets this morning with a new single “Don’t Panic” produced by longtime collaborator Doc Beats(“s” not a “z”). This song was written and recorded six days after Armond rested positive for COVID-19. The visual for this song showing people panicking juxtaposed against the title of “Don’t Panic” was jarring and genius. Watch to the end to see the name and release date of Armond’s upcoming album.

This will be Armond’s third project this year. What do you think of the single and are you ready for more music from Armond Wakeup?