Will Smith Uses Ruslan and Paul Russell Song In Vlog | @ruslankd @paulrussell @trackstarz

Last week was kind of a big week for CHH artists. Datin told the people how one of the biggest artists in the world listened to “Hallelujah All Day” and suggested that a mutual artist friend of theirs should collaborate with Datin. This came at a moment when Datin was thinking about switching up his method to reach more people. Ruslan went on to retweet Datin’s thread to encourage folks to stay true to their convictions because God can work outside any algorithm.

Shortly after that, Ruslan wakes up to hear that the legend Will Smith is using one of his songs in a vlog! Ruslan breaks it down in a video how it all happened and encourages artists to stay in their lanes. The song Will used was “Breeze” from the Ruslan and Paul Russell joint album ‘Via Text’(an amazing album by the way. Go ahead and cop it if you’ve been sleep).

Ruslan has been really heavy on artists owning their content and making things happen for themselves instead of waiting for a label or investors to put them on. Check out his video below as he breaks it all down, and if you are an artist, you should really consider going his Patreon community. He’s truly adding value to his tribe and living it out and God is blessing him before our very eyes.