theBeatbreaker And Eli Lefty “Yung” Single | @_thebeatbreaker @eli_lefty @makeproperart @trackstarz

Nate “theBeatbreaker” Robinson is no stranger to the CHH scene. He’s known as Lecrae’s drummer and he produces, but that’s not all he does. Nate has a label, Proper Art, and he’s helping artists pursue their passion and their lanes. His first artist appears to be Eli Lefty, a young talented artist who could really blossom under Nate’s tutelage.

The two dropped their second single “Yung” and its a banger. This was released in conjunction with RMG Amplify and this is their description, “‘Yung’ is a story that most of us can relate to….being young and making dumb decisions. We look back and know we should have paid a price. So this song asks of police, parents, teachers, and all of us – ‘don’t strike me down’. Let’s all exchange grace.”

Check out the single below, and go follow Nate and Eli Lefty if you aren’t already. What do you think of the single?