Abraham Geovanni Addresses Deception In His New Single “Lit Like This” | @abrahamsfaith @trackstarz

Christian cross over Artist Abraham Geovanni is grateful to release his single “Lit Like This” on YouTube.
What many might call controversial, “Lit Like This” speaks the truth on the massive deception the devil attempts to put on our lives.
Using secular artist Trippie Redd’s “Everything BoZ”  instrumental, Abraham takes what was once a demonized sound & changes it to proclaim the Gospel. Citing Ephesians 4:4 in his 2nd verse and shining a light on the enemies trickery in the 1st. Abraham Geovanni reminds listeners Hell is a real place. Yet with Jesus & trusting in him as your savior you are saved & sanctified from the 2nd death!
In addition Geovanni uses Van Gogh’s “The Raising of Lazarus” as a testimony for Van Gogh’s misinterpreted faith. In the bio he writes
“Van Gogh was a Christian ( a minister to be exact) and that there are many misconceptions of his Life as an artist. Did you know the devil used his life and perverted the image around his art and work to glorify sad artists? In reality the last letters he wrote actually concluded he had much faith left. Did you also know Van Gogh had a show in 1990 commemorating his 100 year passing and the only art that was shown was the quote on quote classic Van Gogh art. All the Christian art that he had was kept in the basement and not shown on purpose. The world is going against you do not believe what you see on the Internet or what you read or what you see in TV. Truly get to the bottom of it by reading the Bible and seeking Jesus. Jesus Christ has influenced many artist lives. This Cover Art here Is “The Raising of Lazarus (after Rembrandt)” I am commemorating Van Gogh’s life long Faith by using his Faith based Art as covers for my most recent songs! GOD BLESS IN JESUS NAME! AMEN.”
With 25 years of age & turning 26 in about a week (The 27th of this month) Abraham Geovanni is here to make a change in the game. With deliveries, flows, and cadences that sound like a major label artist his lyrics, spirit, and topics will rock the mainstream & underground realm with his sincere yet stern style.
Here is “Lit Like This” (Prod. Brandxn Rxwe)