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“I’ll breathe my life into you and you’ll live.”
Ezekiel 37:14 MSG

We are in a time where it is easy to feel like the very life has been sucked out of us. Like we’re on a football field and we just took a hit that knocked the very wind out of us. When you’re gasping for air you feel completely helpless until you inhale that next breath of air.

The relief you feel taking in that next breath of air is like you have received life again. In that same vain there are times when life deals a breath taking blow that knocks us on our backs. At times it not just getting knocked down, but it even takes away the will to want to get back up.

There’s a saying, “If you get knocked down 7 times then get up 8.” What about when hit #8 comes and you lose your will to get up a 9th time? I’ve been in situations in life where I just wanted to say forget it and give up. I’ve wanted to walk away from God and everything else that meant anything to me. Then something happens…

The Spirit of God in my darkest times comes to me and lifts me up. He says, “No not now. You’ve got a little further to go.” It’s not my own human will, but the life-giving power of God giving me a fresh resolve to continue the good fight of faith. Figuratively, I died and He breathes a life-giving breath into me that gives me life.

For some of us during this pandemic we’ve allowed our bad thoughts or even satan to whisper in our ear that we can’t make it. That this is going to end us. Whether it’s our family, a ministry, a business, finishing school or any other dreams and aspirations we may have. God says, “Not so!” Use this time to dig in and get closer to God and allow Him to give you wisdom to navigate through this time. Allow God to anoint your intellect with fresh ideas that will get you through this. Allow God by His Spirit to breathe on what looks dead and give it brand new life again.

That leads us to our Throwback Theology Song of the Week. This track is from members of the Tunnel Rats crew. It’s the brother sister duo Macho and Elsie. Also known as New Breed. The song is called “Dry Bones” and is from their 2002 album called “Stop The Music.” Check out the song on the link below. Also, make sure you go to and check out the new podcast by yours truly. It’s called the Go D.E.A.F. Podcast (Go Do Ears A Favor).  It’s also available on Spotify. Episode 1 is out now!  Until next time…

Peace blessings,

New Breed – “Dry Bones”