The Power of Choice | @intercession4ag @trackstarz

When you choose something you genuinely want; you appreciate it more and are more willing to pay the price for it. I thought about this when I recently went into an office supplies store looking for a printer. The printers had been flying off of the shelves due to Covid-19―possibly because many people are working from home and setting up their home offices.

They did not have any printers left within the price-range I had previously decided to spend. The salesman walked around the store and looked into what inventory he had left. Finally, he came back sharing with me he’d found one more printer near my price-range that had been discontinued maybe 9 months back.

I followed him in anticipation. As I approached the printer, I noticed it looked flimsy and was nowhere near a previous design I’d decided I wanted. I would have been paying about $25 over budget for something of lesser quality. The thought passed through my mind that I would not have to look any longer for what I’d wanted if I chose this flimsy machine that looked as if it would not last very long.

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