TZ Guest Writer
Article by Luck Murray
April 2020

We are in quarantine from COVID-19 (coronavirus). Like most artists, you are probably out of work, and you are at home. During this quarantine, here are ten things you should do inorder to capitalize on your time at home.

These are in no particular order, but are some things I feel can help you hit the ground running after the quarantine is over.

10. Clean Up Your Social Media Sites- It’s time to change your social media sites to reflect where you are as an artist. As an independent artist, one thing that goes unnoticed are social media pages. I had lost count of every artist who sent CHH Now submissions for there music, but they only have what is the most popular social media at the time. When I go to research the artist, the information is most likely never updated and it does not reflect where the artist is currently. Instead of first trying to live stream a concert to capitalize on everyone being home, sit down and update your social media. Think about your social media as a resume for a job. Everyone is looking to see who you are and what you are about. The slightest change could be the difference between being booked or someone passing on your services because your social media is not up to par.

9. Network With Other Artist- In this quarantine, other artists are most likely sitting at home trying to figure everything out just like you. Remember, this is the perfect time to network with artists similar at the same level or a little below from where you are in your career. Networking is not what someone can do for you—it about building a relationship with someone that could become beneficial one day. Still, you are just trying to develop a friendship. Reach out talk to some artists, share your ideas, and maybe collab to do a song. Keep yourself around a community of like-minded people to encourage one another.

8.Talk With Your Fans- During this time, you know who else is at home? Your fans! The people who support you. Too many times, the independent artist does not focus on who is helping them, but they get caught up in the number of people who are supporting them. If 50 people are recommending your music, buying your merchandise, showing up to every open mic night, you need to cultivate that audience. Maybe the number is not 50, but lower or higher WHO CARES, you need to reach out virtually and spend a few minutes with them. Ask them what they want from you verse you jumping on the latest trend. Maybe your fans wish you to have a live stream concert, then cool! Perhaps they want new music. Whatever your fans want from you, you should do it and guess what… they will tell people, and that is the definition of word of mouth.

7. Reexamine Your Goals-I am sorry, but if you an artist and do not have goals to were you want to go in the music business, then you are not going to go far. Goals are like a destination point on the GPS, the place you want to go. How you get there is going to be all about the execution of your plan to get you there. If the quarantine has reduced your momentum you’ve been building so far in 2020; do not worry. Life has peaks and valleys, and some of us are in a valley. Look at where you are at, where you want to go and determine if you need to stay the course or change direction.

6. Write New Music- With all this time on your hands, you should come out of the quarantine with ten albums because you can not go anywhere, so why not work on the one thing you love to make- music. You should have a studio in your home, and most of the time, you probably have to mix your music, so what is stopping you? You can lease beats for pennies on the dollar if you want an exclusive hit and do not have the money. Fiverr has plenty of options. I am taking away all your excuses so that you can do the one thing you can control, your music. So start writing, producing and come out this quarantine smoking because all the fire you put out. Releasing demos is a great way to continue having content to put out and working on your craft as well.

5. Get Closer To God- This is probably self-explanatory. Still, as an artist trying to make Christian music, we can forget why or who we do this for…we do it for the love of God. Yes, going to shows and killing it is a great thing to bring people to Christ, and seeing people change by the music you’re creating is fantastic. Sometimes though, we can fall in love with what we do for God, and what we are doing for God is excellent, but we do this because our love for God and our relationship with God directs our steps. Traveling, doing shows and getting people praises will affect your mental space. If you are not taking time to get into God’s word, praying to God, walking with God, you will not have the favor of God. So get into that quiet place, dust off the bible and get on your knees. Get close to the Father. He is always available when we need to call on His name, and He will be there.

4. Sharping Up On Your Skills- Since you have time while you are making your music, this is the time to study a skill you have and not just wait to get better at it. If you are an artist and you mix your music now, it is time to study mixing. If you edit your music videos, you need to consider music video editing classes. It is the time for you to research and get better at a skill and your skill can also be a way you can make a new stream of income. If you get so good, people will be willing to pay for your services.

3. Schedule Your Social Media Post- With sites like Hootsuite, you should consider scheduling your post on social media sites, so you do not need to interactive with it as often. Just because Tiktok is booming, you should still show love to all of the other social media sites because you never know how someone will come across your content. You choose to schedule out your social media post because when life starts moving again, you may not have the time to put out on social media. Start now, and keep the momentum going.

2. Live Stream- I believe that if you did everything on this list, you can for kicks turn on the red button on your phone and give the people what they want. I also believe you can look at live streaming and do something different than other artists are not doing. Maybe have a Q&A on your live-stream, stream your recording session, or have social commentary. Live streaming is booming, but take what people are doing and add your twist to it.

1. Stay at home- If you are not working, try to stay at home and be safe. This virus is something our world has never seen (in my lifetime at least) and you should not take this lightly. I know as an independent artist, you have to work to put food on the table because music is not the primary source of income. Take your time and also pray when you can stay at home, enjoy this time and see God is using this time to allow many things to bloom on the earth. Let us know what happens doing this quarantine, and Lord willing, we will speak to each other soon. I pray you enjoyed this top ten list.

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