Colorism| @Intercession4ag @Trackstarz

Colorism is a real thing. It’s where people are assigned to a place in life due to the color of their skin by fellow Black people. I was in a Christian Bible study class when a girl from the class asked a question with concern that she’d never get married. The leader capped off her response to the young lady by saying that she had nothing to worry about because she was a light-skinned Black woman, and when men of God come to the church, they expect to marry only the best and that is what they see as a light-skinned woman.

The class gasped while others in the room said, “Don’t end there.” It was obvious the teacher had opened up a can of worms and simply set it on the table while ending her class. However, her ending advice to the young lady was not enough for her to stand on. So, another girl and I went and ministered to her after class was over.

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