ONE WORD: RESOLUTE | @intercession4ag @trackstarz

Have you ever heard someone say, “It was when I got to the point of believing I would never get married, that’s when my spouse came.” I’ve heard that quite a few times, and personally I don’t believe we have to get to a point of disbelieving God. I believe that if God said He is going to do something; we should consider it done and simply began to rest in him.

Our response should be resolute meaning that there is a settling, rest, and resolve within us where we simply believe God and that settles it. Last week, I wrote about how there are Christian blogs and messages all over social media feeding the idolatry of getting to the next place in life which for many is marriage. Many of the people following these blogs, social media trends, and what I call the wind have no resolve about themselves and what God has promised them. Resolve is something birthed out of intimacy with Christ. It’s also confirmed by others who walk intimately with the Lord.

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