Life Is Like A Game Of Jenga |@ryanmw92 @trackstarz

What is going on everyone!! I was supposed to publish this article a few days ago, but here we are posting it now. Believe it or not, I was inspired to write this from playing Jenga with my friend Wole. It is crazy that whenever I hang out with him, we always find a way to connect whatever we are doing to a deep topic.

As I was playing Jenga, it just hit me. The same way that we strategize every move while playing the game, we should think and strategize every move we make in our life. When we make decisions without thinking through them, it often leads us to regretting the decision, or wishing that we had taken more time to think about the choice we made, and how it will impact us and others as well. Personally speaking, I tend to move very quickly when making decisions. Sometimes, I make irrational decisions off of urgency, instead of being patient. Can anyone relate? Just like in Jenga, making a decision hastily could potentially cause all of the blocks to fall down, thus losing the game. In life, making the wrong decision could possibly affect us negatively down the road. So I caution us all: we should take our time when making decisions. Do not be afraid to wait on saying yes to things, in order to obtain the best result possible. Patience is a virtue.

The other lesson I learned from Jenga is a little deeper, but just as effective. We need to be people that do not cave when being poked. When I was playing, I would poke at certain blocks to see if they would move, but they wouldn’t. Had they moved, I would have lost the game from all of the blocks falling down. The same thing goes for real life; that when we are poked or ‘challenged’, that we do not cave or just fall. We find ways to grow and to develop mentally, emotionally, and consciously. If one part of our life falters, it could cause a dramatic decline in our stability. I want to encourage us all to find ways to continually build up those areas in life, that we may be strong individuals. I hope this speaks to someone and encourages them!!

Please feel free to comment any questions or anything at all!! I am open to any dialogue!!

Much Love,

Ryan W.