Alert312 Releases New Album “Joy King Supreme” | @alert312 @humblebeast @trackstarz

The Streetlights Team has dedicated years to dynamic Bible Translation and passionate Bible Teaching, but another voice God has given them is through Alert312.¬†Through passionate conviction, the Streetlights Team (Loren La Luz, Esteban Shedd and Aaron Lopez) use Alert312 as a relevant, creative Gospel Proclamation voice through hip-hop music and live performance. They have recently announced¬† Alert312 as a brand new expression offered at Streetlights! This is good news to Alert312 fans because it’s been about three years since their last project ‘The Upside Eternal’ released through Hi Fi Native. The Chicago bred trio Alert312 have also just released a brand new album ‘Joy King Supreme’ released through Humble Beast and it is a must listen project. The instrumentals are as lush and organic as ever and the lyrics are just as sharp and calculated as you remember. Along for the ride on this project are special guests Jackie Hill Perry, Joseph Solomon, among a few others. Peep the music video for their song “Awake The Dawn” that’s off of the new project just to get a taste of what you are in for. As always with Humble Beast releases, you have the option to buy or download for free from their website due to their philosophy of radical generosity. What do you think of the new project? Let us know in the comments below.